Bedroom Pack - min. one month rental

Enjoy our 'home from home' baby or toddler bedroom pack custom made to suit your mini ME! Everything you need to give your little one all the esentials you would have at home - our mini ME Makeover creates a soft, cosy playful and safe area. We arrive with everything in the pack to transform your chosen space whether its a bedroom or a play space in your villa, hotel residence or apartment, leaving you nothing to worry about! This is perfect for relocations or repatriations when your shipping container is still at sea, you can hire this for as many months as you need but there is a minimum one month rental.

Pictures shown are an example of a transformed space at the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha and show before and after photos.

Bedroom Pack - min. one month rental

  • Pack Contents

    Full size cot, mattress & sheet, nightlight, floor throw, toy box, book box, soft toy box, foam tiles & play tent - age appropriate

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