"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple..."

Dr Seuss


Ordering is easy, simply select the items you want, once they are in your cart proceed to checkout. At checkout you will need to add your notes... if you have ordered any of our bundles we will need to know the age of your child/children, if they have allergies, the dates that you want your rental to start and finish and anything else you want us to know about.

You will immediately receive an automated copy of your order from us. We will get back to you via email within 24 hours with any further questions we may have. Or feel free to ask us about any other elements of your trip/relocation.



We will bring the order to your door, whether you're staying with friends, in a hotel or serviced apartments. Or if you choose the airport option we will meet you there. You will sign a goods receipt form to confirm you have everything and that its in tip-top condition -  just like if you were renting a car.

That's it, if you realise you need something else or want to extend your rental just drop us a email, we will do our best to help. Enjoy your time and explore, it's worth checking out our Top Tips in Doha under the 'Useful Info' tab.


We will collect our items on the agreed date/time and check everything is in a good condition and there is no damage. Thank you for using miniMEdoha!


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